Accommodation at Masaryk University

Accommodation and Catering Services offers 4041 beds in 12 student accommodation facilities in different parts of Brno and at different prices. At all halls of residence there is available internet connection, a laundry room, TV room and a study room, all rooms are equipped with a fridge.  Some locations provide facilities such as gyms, playing fields, computer rooms, table tennis halls etc. Detailed information about individual locations is available on the website:

Guide on booking the accompodation:

Overview of MU halls of residence
Komárov - bří. Žůrků479
Komárov - Sladkého402
Komárov - Lomená177
nám. Míru248
Vinařská1 118


Prices range from 1,500 CZK for places at the least expensive halls of residence (nám. Míru and Klácelova) to 3,500 CZK for the best and most expensive (Vinařská) per month.
Beside standart halls of residence accommodation there is also a possibility of renting flats in a modern complex of flats in a close proximity of the University Campus at Bohunice (UCB) - at the Campus residental area (CRA).

The Campus Residential Area and Vinařská halls of residence represent most convenient locations for students of the University Campus at Bohunice.

Private accomodation

You can search the accomodation advertisements at IS. Advertisements are mostly posted in Czech.

Please note that if you are staying in Brno more than 3 months, you should be paying a waste collection fee to the Brno city.