Travel & internships

Students enrolled in study in 2018 or later have to complete an internship abroad (duration of at least 1 month).

For students enrolled in study before 2018 one internship at another workplace is a mandatory part of studies. The internship for at least 10 working days can be organized in a frame of CEITEC laboratories in agreement with the supervisor or it can be carried out at the workplace outside the institute, the most recommended is an internship abroad.

A mandatory part of each internship is an elaboration of the internship report as described below.

You can use existing networks of partner institutions or establish contact with a new lab of your choosing. Don't hesitate to contact big names in your particular area of interest - you may be surprised how open they are to collaborate. Alternatively, ask your supervisor or group leader for the list of current options in your lab. 

Administrating an internship

The internship has to be included in the Semestral Content of study plan and approved by your supervisor.

Internship in the Czech Republic - you enroll the subject S5011  Internship (can be enrolled in the semester when the placement took place or in the following semester) and provide the final report on the specified form.

Internship abroad - prior to your leave, you have to register the internship in the application Internship and stays in IS, upload all the necessary documents after the end of the stay and then apply for recognition of the course XD110 Placement Abroad.

Other than that, pay attention to all the requirements of your chosen funding scheme. Failure to do so may result in the obligation to return all the financial support you received. 

Financing the stay abroad

Multiple options of financing offer the MU Centre for international cooperation.
To find out about exchange programs running at CEITEC, ask your supervisor, the head of your lab, or contact the Grant Office (