Life Sciences completion of studies


  • Achieving 240 credits
  • Meeting the requirements of an individual study plan
  • Successful completion of compulsory core subjects
  • Successful completion of compulsory hard skills subjects
  • Successful completion of compulsory soft skills courses
  • Completing the internship
    • In individual cases where the requirement (e.g. for an internship abroad) cannot be met for objective reasons, the student may apply for an exemption by filing an application for exemption – electronically via the IS Document Office.
    • The application will be sent automatically for approval to the supervisor and the chair of the Doctoral Board. The Vice-Dean will make the final decision (approval/rejection) for Doctoral Studies.
  • Participation in the CEITEC PhD Conference
  • Completing the TAC meetings
    • For students who commenced studies before 2017, the annual PhD Progress Day substitutes the TAC meetings.
  • Publication of results of students' doctoral theses in an international journal with an impact factor.
    • The student has to be the first author of at least one publication in a journal with IF Q1.
    • If this journal has not IF Q1 in the given field of study, there should be two more publications in journals with IF Q1 or Q2 of which the student should be a co-author.
    • For projects on which more scientific teams collaborate (and each is, for example, responsible for a different part of the expertise), shared first-authorship is eligible. In such a case, the student should clearly declare his/her contribution to the work and the results included. 
    • In case you plan to publish an article in an open-access journal without an impact factor, consult your intention with the members of the Executive Committee of the Life Sciences Doctoral Board immediately. The committee will review the specific situation and quality of the journal and decide whether such output will meet the requirements for completing studies.
  • Submission of the Application for:
    • the State Doctoral Examination (SDE) (after the 2nd year of study - related to students starting their studies in autumn 2021)
    • the Defence of PhD thesis with all required attachments, and the dissertation thesis (at least two months before the planned date of the defence).
  • Life Sciences DSP_Study Completion Guide