Study plan

The plan for entire study in accordance with formal requirements of studies has to be laid-out in the INDIVIDUAL STUDY PLAN (ISP) that is devised at the beginning of study in cooperation with the supervisor. It describes the focus of student’s research and its predicted course, plans regarding intended publications, conferences, lectures and stays. It can contain a schedule of courses in particular semesters (however, this information will be specified in detail in the Semestral Content of the ISP).The ISP has to be approved by the supervisor and consequently by the Doctoral Committee. In case of serious changes in the course of studies ISP can be changed, however, a new approval of the supervisor and the Doctoral Committee would be required.
Detailed info about study plan: MU Study and examination regulations, section 30.

Plans for each semester is specified in SEMESTRAL CONTENT – registered courses, activities connected with preparation of the dissertation, work on preparation of publications / articles, planned participation in conferences, lectures or internships. The Semestral Content has to be approved by the supervisor. Any changes to the Semestral Content have to be explained at the end of the given semester via Student’s feedback.

The fulfilment of the requirements of the ISP is evaluated by the supervisor every semester and by the supervisor along with the doctoral committee once per year.

Check current dates and administer the ISP and Semestral Content in Information System.

The optimal number of credits gained per semester is cca 30. However, the semester is passed only if a student gains either a minimum of 20 credits for courses enrolled in a given semester OR a minimum of 45 credits in total for the given semester + an immediately preceding semester. Check the detailed conditions of enrolment in the following semester in MU Study and examination egulations, section 12.

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