Completion of studies


  • Achieving 240 credits.
  • Meeting the requirements of an individual study plan
  • Successful completion of compulsory core subjects.
  • Successful completion of compulsory hard skills subjects.
  • Successful completion of compulsory soft skills courses.
  • Annual active participation in the PhD Day.
  • Completing one internship.
  • Publication of results of her/his doctoral theses in an international journal with an impact factor. Student has to be the first author of at least one publication. If this publication has not IF in Q1 in the given field of study, there should be two more publication with IF in Q1 or Q2 of which student should be co-author.


Student submits the Application for the Doctoral state examination (DSE), the Application for the Defense of PhD thesis with all required attachments and the Dissertation work at least two months before the planned date of the state exam.

The dissertation thesis is submitted electronically through IS MU plus 5 printed copies in B5 format (1 copy for archiving at the Faculty of Science, 3 copies for opponents, 1 copy for archiving at CEITEC MU).

Doctoral state exam, thesis, as well as the defence, is performed in English.

The Chair of the Doctoral committee designates a 7-member Board of experts (an examination committee) composed of the Chairman, Members and Opponents. At least two members are not in employment relationship with MU; one of the opponents must be from a foreign institution.

Doctoral state examination and Defense of PhD thesis are coordinated by the CEITEC Department of Strategy and Science in cooperation with the Office for International Relations and Doctoral Study at the Faculty of Science.

Doctoral state exam (DSE)

For the DSE, the supervisor, in co-operation with the chair of the Doctoral committee, identify three general topics that do not cover the topic of the dissertation work (they may touch but not build on it). The student is acquainted with the specified topics and, according to his / her choice, will prepare a ca 10-minute presentation on one of them. The presentation will be followed by a discussion on the chosen topic, as well as questions covering the area of the given discipline, based on the syllabus of the topics for the state doctoral examinations.

The defence of PhD thesis follows the DSE within a day.


A student must meet all requirements for completion of studies before starting PhD thesis defence. The defence is given by a 20-minute presentation of results of the doctoral project, followed by a discussion clarifying the comments and questions of the opponents and further questions of the members of the committee.