Canteens at Masaryk University

ISIC cards, held by all MU students, are chargeable and may be used to purchase meals – at very favourable rates – in any canteen, snack bar or other facility operated by the MU Accommodation and Catering Services

The MU Accommodation and Catering Services operate multiple canteens at various locations around Brno: one is located in the Rector’s Office building at Moravské náměstí, the second at the Faculty of Law and the third on Vinařská Street adjacent to the Faculty of Economics and Administration and Vinařská halls of residence. All three facilities fully support online orders made via the boarding account.

In addition to the canteens, the university also operates 7 snack bars, generally located at individual faculties (FEA, FMed, FSci, Morfo snack bar, Library snack bar, Veveří snack bar and Vinařská snack bar). Most of them offer fresh bakery products in the morning and hot meals during lunchtime. Several additional facilities also offer meals and catering: Na Lávce café, Academic Restaurant (both at UCB) and Pizza Nostra (Kounicova St. halls of residence). All three have convenient opening hours and the Academic Restaurant is even open at weekends. You can view the current menu here (choose the correct canteen on the left hand side). 

For more information about MU canteens and snack bars, see the MU Accommodation and Catering Services website.