Mobility - Internship abroad


Based on government regulation No. 274/2016 Coll., completion of a stay or an internship abroad in the total length of at least one month (i. e. 30 days; may consist of several shorter stays) is a compulsory part of doctoral studies.  

This applies fully to students enrolled in 2019/2020 and later, and adequately to students enrolled prior this academic year (approval given on individual basis by the doctoral committee).

You can use the existing networks of partner institutions of your Faculty or establish contact with a new lab of your choice. Do not hesitate to approach even the most renowned institutions in your particular area of interest - you may be surprised how open they are to collaboration. Alternatively, ask your supervisor or group leader for current options for your internship abroad. 

For more information, contact

Internship Administration  

The internship must be included in the Semestral Content of the study plan and approved by your supervisor.

Internship abroad - prior to your leave, register for the internship in the application Internship and stays in IS; after return, you must upload any required documents and apply for recognition of the course XD110 Placement Abroad (in case of Life Sciences students) OR DSZS01 Study Attachment Abroad (in case of Molecular Medicine students).  Detailed information on the process.

Other than that, pay attention to the conditions and requirements of your chosen funding scheme. Failure to do so might result in having to return all the funding you have received. If you have any form of employment contract, inform the head of your RG, supervisor and the HR department of your mobility. 

Financing the stay abroad

For multiple funding options go to the MU Centre for international cooperation, specifically the webpage on traineeships.
To find out about the exchange programs at CEITEC, ask your supervisor, the head of your lab or contact the Grant Office (

Mobility funding programmes 

ERASMUS+ placements
Erasmus+ program enables students to undertake an internship in their field in the countries involved in this program. There are four calls per year. Detailed information at ERASMUS+
Fulbright Scholarships
Czech students, scholars and professionals may apply for scholarships in the frame of Fulbright Program. Detailed information at FULBRIGHT
Barrand Scholarship - French
This programme enables PhD students to take an internship under so called cotutelle. Information can be found at Barrand. Other interesting French-language scholarships can be found at the Institut Francais.
Study and research visits  announced by House of International Cooperation
Academic Information Agency (House of International Cooperation,) AIA – DZS announces regular calls for study visits for doctoral students and study and research visits for researchers. Detailed information at  AIA - DZS.
The programme aims to create bridges between the universities of the member countries through cooperation projects called networks. Member countries are  Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Monte Negro, Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Northern Macedonia, Moldavia and Poland. The programme facilitates short-term, long-term mobilitiesand summer schools. You will find more information at the CZS webpages, or at DZS.
Stella Junior
Mid-March is usually the deadline for applications for programme with Compostela Group of Universities (CGU), thanks to which MU students can apply for a placement published in the database of offers of foreign placements, which can be found on the CGU website in the section Stella Junior database. The minimum duration of the traineeship is 14 days.
Euraxess promotes research careers and mobilities of researchers. Another interesting website is for Swiss universities.

Next call will open in 2024. The Instruct Internship Programme funds research visits of 3-6 months duration to Instruct Centres in Europe. The aim is to facilitate valuable collaborations with Instruct research groups applying techniques that are not available in the applicant’s laboratory.