Regular net income of PhD students in Life Science program and Molecular Medicine is 22 000 CZK (ca 820 EUR) per month. This amount is guaranteed for the standard study period (4 years) assuming the fulfillment of study obligations. ). In case of good study results, the amount of monthly net income may be gradually increased  according to the length of the study (by 1 000 CZK per year) up to the recommended amount 25 000 CZK in the 4th year of study.

In the case of unsatisfactory fulfillment of the study plan, the Doctoral Committee can,  on the basis of the evaluation,  decide on the reduction of the scholarship. It can be re-awarded if the following assessment confirms that the study plan is fulfilled satisfactorily.

Regular monthly income of students in other study programs outside CEITEC PhD School varies depending on the faculty of study and supervisor's financial options. 

Scholarship programs of the University Institute CEITEC MU: CEITEC MU Measure of the Director No. 1/2019

Scholarships from Specific Research Grant Projects:
Only students who specify their affiliation to CEITEC MU and to NCBR are eligible for any scholarship from the Specific Research Grant Project (as this project belongs to NCBR).

Scholarship for Publications may be paid for publications in scientific journals, where the student is an author or co-author. The scholarship may be paid only to students who are at most in 5th year of their DSP study in the day of acceptance of article for publishing. Rules for granting Scholarship fro Publications in 2019.
Scholarship for creation of successful cover art may be paid to an individual or team for creating successful cover art graphics.
Scholarship for Conferences and Foreign Stays - the scholarship is intended as a contribution for the coverage of costs associated with the active participation at a conference or foreign stay.

NCBR affiliation should be specified as follows:  National Centre for Biomolecular Research, Faculty of Science, Masaryk University, Kamenice 5, 625 00 Brno, Czech Republic

The scholarship for publications and Scholarship for creation of successful cover art are granted based on application sent to dr. Martin Prokop ( Obtaining Scholarship for Conferences and Foreign Stays is subject to agreement with the group leader.

Additional scholarships at MU

For funding travel, see Travel & Internships page

Other funding opportunities:
Alzheimer Foundation

For other financing opportunities, ask your supervisor and lab head.