Brno is a student's city with multiple universities and about 20% of inhabitants comprised of university students.

  • EU, Schengen, NATO and OECD member
  • #4 most popular city for students according to with quality of education and social life being most appeciated in the poll
  • life costs rank among the lowest in the EU
  • #1 best city for expat support according to financial times
  • #6 safest country according to whitepaper on the future of europe
  • Workplace of Mendel
  • 15 000+ foreign students
  • curently famous for its bar and coffee culture

photo source: Statutory City of Brno, photo: Pavel Gabzdyl

Centre for international Cooperation organizes orientation week for students new to Brno and Masaryk university every September

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City Guide - Centre for International Cooperation - MUNI Brno Guide 2023

Information centre

The city of Brno operates a cultural and information centre at Radnická 8, in the building of the Old Town Hall. It has a wide selection of maps, brochures and other information on Brno and the surrounding region, and also acts as a ticket agency, selling tickets for a number of cultural events.