Why PhD at CEITEC?

Why do your PhD at CEITEC?

  • Excellent research
    • Around 300 top-quality publications (in Nature, Science, Leukemia, Cell, PNAS, EMBO Journal etc.)
    • Peer review evaluation
    • The principles of CEITEC PhD School are based on the “Principle for Innovative Doctoral Training” (approved by the EU Council for Education)
    • International grants (ERC grants, EMBO Installation Grants, ERA Chair)
  • Unique research infrastructure
    • First-rate equipment, with backup by supporting experts, and interdisciplinary open access
  • Funding
    • The scholarship is at a level of the average salary in the Czech Republic and will allow you to live comfortably
  • International opportunities
    • CEITEC is a leading member of Alliance4Life, a member of the EU-LIFE consortium, strategic partnership with The Vienna Biocenter Core Facilities
  • Wide career options
    • Build connections via our international partnerships and events (47% of publications created within the international cooperation)
    • Transferable skills courses, cooperation with industry, training opportunities
  • Brno is a great place to live. Not too big and not too small, affordable, full of exciting opportunities and voted 4th best city for students’ life
  • The Czech Republic is a member state of the EU and NATO
  • International PhD community: events tailored for PhD students (Welcome and Info PhD Day, CEITEC PhD School Conference, Life after PhD sessions, Company visits) and other informal events organized by PhD Committee

Listen to the experiences of our alumni

Cosimo Lobello (Italy) - Medical Genomics Group

​​Who I am 

Now, I am a Postdoc Associate at Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia investigating the oncogenic role of aberrant cell signaling and epigenetic gene silencing in lymphoid malignancies, but I completed my Ph.D. at CEITEC Masaryk University PhD School in Brno, Czech Republic.

What CEITEC gave me

The impressive building of CEITEC and its advanced technologies, notably the genomic facility and Cryo-EM, left a strong impression on me already during my initial interview. The open, elliptical structure of the building encouraged seamless interaction within the CEITEC community, fostering collaborations and support among colleagues. Besides, the welcoming local community, international environment, and supportive organization eased the challenges of bureaucracy and language, making me feel truly integrated.

What I liked about Brno

During my time in Brno, I saw the city growing, how more and more foreigners are coming for the opportunities of the city and its universities. I liked the Czech beer, the spirit of the city during Christmas and the fireworks festival. I loved the nature, outside and inside the city and last but not least the strategic location of Brno between Vienna and Prague.  

Abigail Rubiato Cuyacot (Philippines) – Functional Genomics and Proteomics of Plants Group

Karel Škubník (Czech Republic) – Structural Virology Group

Juan Francisco Sanchez Lopez (Spain) - Hormonal Crosstalk in Plant Development Group

​​Who I am 

I am currently a postdoctoral researcher at the R&D department at Brandon Bioscience, located in Tralee, Ireland. I apply the knowledge and know-how that I acquired during my PhD studies at CEITEC and adapt it to the needs of industry. Here, I study how the treatment of different biostimulants enhances the tolerance of plants to different stresses such as heat or cold.

What CEITEC gave me

CEITEC allowed me to grow as a scientist and as an individual. The collaborative environment of CEITEC gave me the opportunity to learn about different scientific disciplines, allowing me to achieve many goals. CEITEC has also a very strong international community, which makes it very easy to meet new people and share different aspects of each other's cultures.

What I liked about Brno

Brno is a very dynamic and multicultural city that is evolving very fast. Even during the years of my PhD studies, I could observe many different changes in the city. Brno is a city for foodies, you can find many different international restaurants there and enjoy cuisines from all around the globe in one city, but also enjoy local food as well as amazing Czech beer. Also, its location makes it very easy to travel all over Europe, e.g. to Austria, Poland, Slovakia or Germany.